Rate My Professors Saved My Semester

Registration for spring semester will be available online Nov. 4th. Are you ready?

RateMyProfessors.com is a helpful tool available at your fingertips. This website is used for rating colleges as well as the instructors who teach there.

Black Hawk College has an overall quality rating of 3.9 out of 5.0, which isn’t too bad. This score is averaged from the following categories in the fact box.

Category out of 5.0
Reputation 3.7
Internet 3.2
Opportunity 3.9
Campus 4.3
Social 3.6
Location 4.7
Food 3.1
Library 3.9
Clubs 3.5
Happiness 4.8

Keep in mind that our school ranking is only based on the evaluations of 16 students. However, based on professor ratings, many more of BHC students have visited the site.

The average professor rating overall is 3.82 out of 5.0. Some of the top rated professors include:

Professor out of 5.0
Sarah Morrison 5.0
Julie Pearson 5.0
Andrew Hoogheem 5.0

Some of the most frequently rated professors include:

Professor # of ratings out of 5.0
Galen Leonhardy 181 4.6
Mike Staub 88 4.7
Traci Davis 82 4.7
Jay Pearce 78 4.8
Torria Norman 63 3.7

Now that you have the scoop on Black Hawk College (as of research on 9/24/2014) does this mean that you can go to this site to bash your teacher? Absolutely not. That’s not what Rate My Professors is designed for. It is simply meant to be an informative tool for students to share how a class has impacted their lives, either negatively or positively.

If you do have a bad class experience, you can still rate it constructively without slamming the instructor. Guidelines are given on the site, and it is highly recommended that you review them before rating any of your professors.

That being said, it is probably important to note that all professor ratings will be reviewed by a moderating team before being posted on the site. In addition, all ratings are completely anonymous. If you do choose to provide constructive criticism about a class, no other student or teacher will know who ranked it that way.

Personally, as a fellow student, I think this could be a very useful site in planning my next semester – even more so if we all log in to the site and rate our current professors. Tell fellow students how helpful the instructor was, if he or she taught with clarity. Define your ease of understanding that resulted from her teaching style.

Professors are invited to create an account as well as students. While this is not required in order to view ratings, according to Rate My Professors, “The ability to add class specific professor notes lets present and future students know that you care about their feedback.”

Whimsical tags can be used to describe him as a Tough Grader, a Pop-Quiz Master, or maybe he gives Big Time Extra Credit. If you want to warn someone that attendance is mandatory, label your instructor with “Skip Class? You Won’t Pass.” Maybe she is a fan of really long papers – use the tag “Papers? More Like Novels.”

Additional tags are available to choose from, and you also have the option to type in specific comments if you wish. Hopefully Black Hawk College will see a significant increase in evaluations.