There’s a Club for that!

College life… attend class, read text material, complete homework, read more, study lessons, take exams, repeat.

Some students are new. Others are nearing graduation. Despite the focus necessary to make good grades, college life shouldn’t be just about working hard. Everybody needs a chance to wind down, find common ground with new classmates, or discover a place of support and guidance.

Good news! There’s a club for that!

On Thursday, August 28, 2014, the Student Life Office held a “Welcome Back – Club Promotional Fair” in the Hawks Nest with Caricature artist Leo Kelly. If you missed this opportunity to sign up for one or more of the clubs, it’s not too late.

The International Student Association (ISA) is open to both International and American students. This program is currently looking for more American students to join and be mentors to International students at least one hour per week. Both parties in this mentor pairing can look forward to learning about each other’s cultures and developing new friendships. This club also takes part in fundraising activities to help expand cultural education opportunities in the Quad Cities.

Social Gaming Club members meet in the Hawks Nest (Building 4) every day to play a variety of games. They hope to start a video game session on Fridays as well. Members of this group interact a great deal through Facebook, so join their group at Black Hawk College Social Gaming Club to stay in the loop of what special activities or events might be coming up. If interested in joining, contact their Event Coordinator, Taren Long.

Marceia Duhm is the Military Point of Contact for Black Hawk’s Military Students & Veterans Club. She can help military members, veterans, and dependents transition from military to civilian life. This can include both college life transitions as well as moving directly into other career options. Stephanie Dixon is the Veterans Certifying Official who can help guide students through the many options available with receiving Veterans Financial Benefits. For more information, visit

Clean Sphere is Black Hawk’s environmental club helping students gain leadership experience while aiming to improve the environmental health of the campus as well as the surrounding community. Marilynn Bartels, club advisor, explained that specific projects taken on by the students will depend each year on the interests of the students who join. Some past projects include the removal of invasive species on both campus and at the Green Valley Nature Preserve, work on habitat restoration projects, and enhancing recycling awareness programs, as well as taking field trips to Starved Rock State Park and the Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium.

Other groups represented at the Club Promotional Fair include the Philosophy Club, the Ping Pong Club, the Art Collective, the Christian Conversation Club, Sisterhood on Campus, Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, College Republicans, the Student Wellness Club, and of course, the Student Life Office and Career Services. Many of these clubs have bulletin boards along the building-to-building hallways filled with information and meeting times. Most of them can also be found on Facebook (look for the QR Codes posted around campus, which includes a direct link to club Facebook pages).

Keep in mind that all of these clubs are open to any Black Hawk student, and that this list is not complete. More clubs can be found on the Black Hawk website at In addition, if you see a need for a new club, information is available about how to get started. The Student Life Center can also help offer direction in establishing a new club or group. Go to for more information.