BHC Hosts Colleges, Military

Sounds of excitement and young intriguing minds filled the hallways as you came up the stairs to the third floor of building 3. The gymnasium was filled with young students looking to make a career or education choice after their high school graduation. Representatives from many college and universities were the main feature at College Night, as well as the United States Military, which Black Hawk College hosted on Sept. 27.

Some of the participants at College Night included Western Illinois University, Eastern Illinois University, Southern Illinois University, Northern University, Hamilton Technical College, Kaplan University, and representatives from the United States Military. Each of the participating institutions appealed to high school students, most of who were accompanied by their parents.

College Night is a great way to influence a future college student’s prospective on their choice for higher education. According to Black Hawk College sophomore Student Ambassador Josh Priest, “College Night is great way for young students to get a feel for what college they want to attend.”

“Black Hawk is the host of the event, and there is just a great atmosphere associated with College Night,” Priest continued, “so it’s great for BHC and everyone involved.”

Everyone involved did a great job of making College Night a success. Young students seemed eager and engaged in their education selection process as they were able to talk to representatives from each college involved and get answers to their questions. College Night went over well this fall, and hopefully the good trend will continue for future events at BHC.