History Made in College Football

For those of you who love College Football, get ready for an interesting twist.

This season will showcase the first ever playoff in College Football history. The top four ranked teams in college football will battle it out in a four-team playoff format with the top two teams battling for the National Championship. There will still be a buffet of bowl games at the end of the season.

Depending on what conference you like or what your favorite team is, there seems to be excitement for even the fan of the underdog team. If you are a fan of the traditional powerhouse teams such as USC and Alabama, there has been a little shake up at the top of the power rankings.

The number one ranked team in the NCAA College Football poll is Florida State, a team that hopes to bei one of the top teams to compete for the National Championship. At the conference level, there is a lot more competition.

In the Big Ten Conference, there are two brand new teams, Rutgers and Maryland. These former Atlantic Coast Conference schools add some excitement to the mix and even more competition. Rutgers and Maryland bring an East Coast feel to a Midwest-dominated Big Ten Conference. Maryland has looked great this season and Rutgers is right behind them.

The Big Ten has been split into two divisions, the East and the West. The East consists of Michigan State, Ohio State, Rutgers, Penn State, Maryland, Indiana, and Michigan. The West includes Northwestern (who is a surprise so far at 2-0), Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska (who is coming off their first loss of the season), Purdue, Wisconsin and Illinois.

With the focus being on the Big Ten’s new divisions and two new teams in the Conference this season, it should be a thrilling ride. Tune in Saturday’s and watch some exciting, hard-hitting College Football.