New Band, Same Great Sound: Cody Canada and the Departed

The Redstone Room in Davenport makes quite the setting for an evening of great music with great people. Cody Canada and the Departed performed there last month and gave fans and newcomers exactly what they were looking for – a soulful rock and country set that could be done by no other than.

After the 2010 break-up of Cross Canadian Ragweed (CCR), fans had been unsure what would become of front man Cody Canada. Yet a year later, he founded “The Departed” and began laying the work for a new record. His singer/songwriter style has been highly acclaimed by some of outlaw country greats like Willie Nelson and Ray Wylie Hubbard.

“The two things that drive me are love and hate,” said Canada. This can be heard in every power chord he strums and every song he writes.

Last month’s performance was a treat for the CCR fans, with the band playing a mix of new and old songs from CCR. Although The Departed songs might seem new and unfamiliar to some longtime fans, Canada’s style of writing and playing hasn’t skipped a beat.

When it comes to underrated bands, Cody Canada has felt the cold hand of country radio and record executives trying to box in his sound. This outlaw stuck to his guns, and it’s this reason that makes each and every one of his fans so unique. People fall in love to his songs, they cry to his songs, they laugh, they feel, and they relate.

If you are disappointed that you missed The Departed, Cody announced that he’ll be returning sometime in March with another great band, Jason Boland and Stragglers. Information on this event will be available online at

(Written by guest contributor Andrew Minssen.)