Religious leaders make first place appearance at BHC costume Contest

The Student Life Office at Black Hawk College does a great job of putting together events and bringing students together. The Halloween costume contest was no exception to this reputation as it was filled with clever and creative costumes. From Tony Soprano to Freddy Kruger, it was all around good fun at the costume contest. The winners of the contest were basketball players dressed up as Religious leaders.

The costume contest featured a diverse group of costumes that everyone could enjoy. The contest began with everyone gathering in the cafeteria, which was decorated for the occasion. Groups of students dressed in costumes filled the tables in anticipation for the costume contest to begin. Before the contest you could get an idea of which costume was the best as all of them were walking around, most with an entourage.

When the contest began, it seemed as if it was going to be a close competition and a close competition is what spectators got. There was a werewolf (which I thought was going to win first place) but to my surprise, the cast of students dressed as the Pope, a Rabbi, a priest, and nun stole the show. The judge of the contest took input from students, who would applaud for the costume they liked the most. Only the top six would make it to the final round of judgment and it was a great competition. A lot of credit went to Student Engagement Coordinator, Tiffany Hamilton, who was the host of the event. Tiffany was dressed up as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and did a great job of mediating the event.