Subway eats the competition at BHC

Subway is number one when it comes to supplying sub sandwich shops that provide a quality product and they get big time athletes and celebrities to market their food. Subway’s slogan promotes fit and healthy meals that aren’t as bad for you as many other fast food chains. Black Hawk College has been home to a Subway Restaurant since the contract was signed in August 2011, when subway struck a sneaky deal that would become a great business idea, but we should make room for other fast food chains to set up shop at BHC.

I often am late to eat breakfast in the morning on the way to school so I stop at the subway that is the old cafeteria at Black Hawk College. I look at the prices and wonder why there has been no other fast food franchise to take the place of subway. There has been some questions among students weather or not Subway should renew their contract which expires this year.

Subway has some great food, but students stand a better chance at a fair bargain with other fast food chains. Subway has relatively high prices in the fast food industry. Subway is stealing the fast food show in more ways than one. Subway does comply with all terms and regulations of their contract with Black Hawk College. The insurance coverage for employees in the contract is up to 500,000 dollars per person for each accident. This gives plenty of room for a slip and fall that causes injury or any burns or other accidents that can happen in the fast food job. Also, the contract includes a license for sanitation, garbage/refuse, and other services.

Subway is appealing to many, but I am an advocate for some different fast food options at BHC. Perhaps a McDonalds or Taco Bell would be more appealing to students. Subway has had a three year reign as the fast food king at Black Hawk College, and it is time for a competitor to take their place.