Thanksquizzing: Are you prepared for Thanksgiving?

We have all been there. It is Thanksgiving Day and all you want to do is eat and then possibly take a nap. But before this can take place, you must answer hundreds of questions that are put forth by your extended family. They are like the answer seeking troll guarding the bridge that leads to the cranberry sauce. Here are two popular questions you will most likely hear this year and some answer suggestions to help move the night along.

“How are you doing in school?”

            This question is especially popular when the one being asked is in college, which is probably why you will be asked this question at least a hundred times this holiday season. The perfect solution would be to place a poster sized version of your report card on the wall. But if your grades are not what you would consider “interior décor,” this idea is not your only solution. The best answer to this question is short and sweet. Simply say, “I’m doing good,” and avoid going into detail at all costs. Everyone knows that talking about school during a holiday can spoil your appetite.

“Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?”

            Obviously, this question does not apply to anyone who is in a relationship. But for those who are, grandmothers are usually the family members who persistently ask this question. This is because grandmothers are obsessed with chubby baby cheeks, and they know that the only way they will have an outlet to chubby babies is through great-grandchildren. If you indeed do not have a significant other, the only way to correctly answer this question is to revert back to how much you value education. “No, I don’t. I am trying to focus on my education,” is the only answer that will satisfy an inquisitive grandmother. This is because the only thing they care more about than babies is the education of their grandchildren.

Thanksgiving is a time for giving thanks and gathering with those you love. I hope that this advice will help that gathering be a little less painful.

(Written by guest contributor Alexandra Olsen)