Womens perspective DekHockey

In the three years since QC DekHockey began, the sport has not only grown for men, but for women as well. The QC DekHockey has recently gone from one dek to two, and has added another division for men and another womens team.

“Construction as completed on August 14th, because we started the season the day after with the juniors. It took about three weeks to do the flipping over and construct both rinks again. It went quickly,” founder Pat Levesque told the Chieftain.

When asked about previous plans to join a league in Quebec, he continued, “We’re gonna have a league in Quebec, a league in the Quad Cities, in the future a league in Chicago, Minnesota, Des Moines, etc.” QC DekHockey would join the International Dekhockey Tournament Association in order to complete this goal.

While there are a few differences between the mens and womens leagues, a couple stand out. Most obvious is the fact that there are now five mens divisions and still only one womens division. There are nine womens teams for the 2014 Fall season, leaving one team the odd man out each week and forcing a bye week for each team.

If only 10 more women played, a tenth team could be formed and a second womens division could be created. The two divisions would be split upon talent, as there is a very large gap between the top team and the bottom team in the womens league. The mens divisions are based upon talent, D1 being the top division and D3 being the lowest.

Another obvious difference between the mens and womens teams is the fact that while mens teams seem to fall in age categories fairly well, womens teams are comprised of women of all ages. There are high school freshmen on the same team as a forty year old mother; one team, Mothers, is composed mostly of young mothers, however.

The last and most interesting difference between the two is the fact that women only play one night a week, while men often have upwards of three games a week. Women only play on Mondays, while there are mens games on the six other days of the week.

There are more similarities than differences, however, between the mens and womens teams. Women command the same amount of respect as the men do at the Dek, something which is often considered rare even in this age of “equality”. More and more women are beginning to play, as more and more women who are fans of the Quad City Mallards or other hockey teams decide that they’d like to try their hand at what they spend their money on from October to May.

The writer has played four seasons with three different teams, and began to do so after hearing a former Mallard, Patrik Levesque, talk after a Mallards game about dek hockey beginning. Pat is the owner of QC Dek Hockey, and is now retired from professional hockey.