A River Runs Beside It

The Mills at Riverbend Commons, located aWP_20141120_10_06_24_Prot 2900, River Drive in Moline, opened to residents this year just in time for fall semester. Its desirable amenities, beautiful location, and reasonable rates make it ideal for college students throughout the Quad Cities. Rob Anderson, Community Director for The Mills, is excited to invite Black Hawk College students and is planning an Open House (date to be determined) with free tours, refreshments, and information for new tenants.

When you walk through the hallways, one of the first things you notice is the bend that flows in-line with the Mississippi River. The architecture of the building is specifically designed to coincide with the stunning landscape along the river. Most of the rooms have a breathtaking view of the rippling waves on the contented Mississippi.

Amenities free to all residents at the Mills include a workout room with treadmills, elliptical machines, and free-weights. Each of the machines have a small, flat screen TV that tenants can connect headphones to, or connect their own music to pass the time while working out. Also in the main level of the building is an all-purpose room with a large screen TV, sofa, and several other seating options. Students are invited to use this space for club meetings, study groups, or simply to enjoy down time between classes or studying and hang out with new friends.

Rooms available include four bedroom, two bedroom, and single studio apartments. Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the building, along with cable television access. Each living space is fully furnished, including kitchen appliances and laundry in each room. The two and four bedrooms are similar in layout, with a kitchen, living room (complete with TV), dining table, and of course, the bedrooms.

The unique aspect about these living quarters is that each bedroom has an independent lease from the others in the same apartment. While all four tenants of the four bedroom unit will have the same key to get into the apartment, each bedroom has its own, separate key for privacy and safe-keeping of personal items. This type of tenant housing is new to the Quad Cities. It allows students to not have to be dependent on the reliability of their roommates.

Prospective tenants are welcome to bring roommates along with them, however, if they do not have a friend ready to lease a room, roommate matching is provided to help pair schedules and personalities within each unit. These tenants will need to complete a questionnaire to effectively match roommates.

On each floor, students will find a community area at each end of the hallway where they can study, have group meetings, or visit with other residents. Outside, tenants will find a sand volleyball court, shaded lounge areas, picnic tables and grills. This may not be so appealing with snow on the ground (as it is while I’m writing this article), but spring will be here before you know it, and you will be able to make full use of this beautiful active space for students.

It should be noted that while these apartments are geared for college students, it is not strictly for college students. Anybody can apply for housing at the Mills. If you are considering this great opportunity to live in this new complex, call (309)517-6368 or email Mills@peakcampus.com to schedule a tour. Right now they are offering a special deal of $100 off your rent price. In addition, they will waive your security deposit and admin fees. This ends January 31, 2015, so act fast!