Internet Inspiration

I hate to state the obvious here, but the Internet truly has an impact on nearly every aspect of our daily lives, and students at Black Hawk College have found a rather unique way to use the Internet, from pursuing a lifelong dream to helping people maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Three years ago Kossi Egla, a freshman at Black Hawk College, along with his two brothers embarked on the journey of their lives when they moved from Lome, Togo in West Africa to the United States. Kossi remembers this particular day like it was yesterday, because this was the first time Kossi got to fly in an airplane. “I love airplane. I’ve always been so fascinated on everything about them,” Kossi explains.

Kossi didn’t just stop at admiring the jet liner. He turned to the Internet to learn everything he could possibly know about planes – from the construction to the way the planes are able to fly 35,000 feet in the air.

Kossi also watched videos on to turn his curiosity and passion for planes into the hobby of building remote control planes. By watching videos on how to construct a RC plane from scratch, Kossi has a general idea on how to build his very own RC plane, and he’s already started the process by purchasing materials for his plane on

But dreamers just don’t dream – they dream big. Kossi’s ultimate dream is to construct a fully functional airplane he can fly himself. “I’ll be so happy. It’s my dream and I’ll be so excited because it’s just so interesting,” says Kossi.

Kossi is also currently studying a degree in engineering here at Black Hawk, and it’s no surprise he plans on landing a position in aerospace someday.

From a different perspective, freshman Caleb Biellier uses the Internet to gain knowledge on how to live a healthy lifestyle from working out and eating healthy.

Caleb initially started working out his freshman year of high school when he decided to try out for his high school’s football team. It was then when Caleb first realized just how fascinated he truly was with improving the human body through diet and fitness.

Caleb quickly became an expert on fitness after discovering The website provided Caleb with an education on everything about fitness from supplements, diet plans, and even workout regimens.

In addition to, Caleb also watched motivational workout videos on YouTube. “The videos would really amped me up and I could feel my heart rate pick up. I would start to get excited, and it made me want to get up and do something,” Caleb explains.

Caleb is currently majoring in Diet and Exercise here at Black Hawk, where he hopes to pursue a career as a personal trainer. “Fitness is a huge passion of mine. I love helping people and if I can give them the same drive and passion I have to help better their lives, then I’m all for it,” says Caleb.

Kossi and Caleb’s use of the Internet truly display how the internet can have a positive impact in our daily lives, no matter if we want to pick up a new hobby or pursue a lifelong dream.

(Submitted by guest contributor Ryan Prochaska.)