Pet Me, Then Adopt Me

The fluffy fat feline’s bright blue eyes looked me up and down through the glass door. He sat patiently at the door just waiting. The other cats are sleeping in their beds, paying no attention.

Thomas is an overweight furry tan cat. He is just one of the many cats at the Quad City Animal Welfare Center. However, this lovable felincate is a very special animal. Thomas suffers from FIV.

“FIV is Feline Immunodeficiency Virus which is AIDS for cats,” says Stacey Teager, who is the Community Services Director at the Center.

FIV attacks the cat’s immune system. They are very susceptible to an infection, which is why they are kept in a separate room from the cats that don’t have FIV.

The virus is only transferred from cat to cat. The only way for another cat to receive it is from saliva.

Along with Thomas are five other cats that share this common disease. They all lead normal lives in waiting for adoption.

Cats with FIV are adoptable under a few conditions.

They are not allowed outside with the fear that they might catch an infection or pass on their disease. They need to be in a home with no other animals. However, they are able to be with other fellow FIV cats.

We all get attached to our animals and unfortunately, for cats like Thomas, adoption isn’t easy. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t adopt cats with FIV. They are able to live a long life if the proper measures are taken to ensure their health.

Thomas is a lover and instantly sat on my lap when I sat down. He was itching to be pet and pawed at me when I stopped. Even sick animals need love too.

(Submitted by Guest Contributor Maggie Schilling)