Reporting for the Chieftain

I signed up for the fall semester class called Newspaper Production not knowing what to expect. Surprisingly, it opened me up to a whirlwind of writing and deadlines and bylines – oh, my! – and I wouldn’t change a thing! It has been a wonderful learning experience that has helped hone my editing, researching, and writing skills, as well as provided opportunities to attend additional workshop training at other colleges.

As a member of the Chieftain reporting staff, I have been able to meet people I wouldn’t have met otherwise. Being able to say, “Hi, I write for the Chieftain…” created many opportunities to talk to and meet new people, and added variety to my stories. I enjoyed the opportunity to pick topics to write about that inevitably stretched my normal comfort zone. In case you’re wondering, that’s a good thing.

The other writers and I worked amicably together, editing each-others work and suggesting or advising each other without fear of ridicule or judgment. Professor Mueller, advisor for the Chieftain, has a true passion for journalism that she shared with each one of us. I look forward to working more with her next semester, and I hope to see some new faces, too.