Stache Bash Makes A Splash

BHC students gathered in the Hawk’s Nest to celebrate Movember and raise awareness for men’s cancer with games, music, and a mustache competition.

Some of the games included “Pin the Mustache on Burt Reynolds” and “Guess the Stache”, where participants had to look at pictures of mustaches and try to guess whose face belonged to each mustache.

If attendees filled out a survey about the event, they could spin the prize wheel to receive either gum, a tshirt, water bottle coozie, highlighter, flashlight keychain, chapstick, two punches for their SLC card, or cut in line.

As well as games, there was free punch with mustachioed straws and M&Ms. At 12:30pm, there was a mustache competition with one competitor. Josh Thomas won a free haircut.

“I wish I had a Burt Reynolds mustache,” he said after the competition. “I’m going to go home and shave this now.”