It’s a Wonderful Life at BHC – No need to call Clarence

Learning at Black Hawk College unlocks many wonderful opportunities for varying types of students. Perhaps you are fresh out of high school. Maybe you are like me, where college is opening doors for a second career. Other students might be enhancing skills to grow in a current career.

Whatever stage of life brings you to Black Hawk, make the most of your opportunity by participating in the many clubs and activities made available to all students. These range from Student Government to International Student Association to Clean Sphere to Child Development Club to Philosophy Club and much, much more.

Even better, maybe you see a need for a new type of club. Information is available at Clubs/Organizations, or contact the Student Life office to find out what it takes to start a club.

Professor Vaccaro and some of his film students observed a need for a Film Club last semester and decided to test the waters. They arranged to hold two movie days to find out how students felt about this opportunity. The Student Life office was transformed into a theater-like atmosphere, complete with popcorn, soda, and pizza.

Interested students packed into the “Theater” to watch It’s a Wonderful Life on December 4th. For many of them, it was the first time watching this classic Christmas favorite. Film students were enticed to attend with the promise of extra credit. However, taking the time to watch this classic movie opened their eyes to a genre they didn’t think would interest them.

One of the students remarked, “I didn’t think older movies like that would have that kind of humor.” Other students appreciated the moral of the story and the many real moments expressed by the actors.

All students, whether in film and theater class or not, were invited to stay after the movie for a short discussion. They talked about what they liked and didn’t like about the movie, the acting style, camera shots, and how music was used to impact the story line. Overall the consensus of students in attendance was overwhelmingly positive.

Details of this new Film Club (to include the permanent title) are still being worked out. They hope to meet at least once a month for a movie viewing. Some will be classics, while others will be more modern. Contact Professor Vaccaro or watch for movie advertising in future issues of the Chieftain.