Brazil to America: Change of Weather Significant

Photo of AleThis is my first article for the Chieftain, but I have lost track of how many texts I’ve written in the eight years of journalism. I am Brazilian; I graduated in Social Communication, Journalism as major in 2007 and since then I’ve worked in newspapers, magazines and websites as police, fashion and community reporter. I wrote about health, economy, sports and decoration.

These experiences crafted me more and more in love with my profession. A few months ago I started writing a blog for the Quad City Times ( about my experiences in the United States. Follow Me! And before I continue telling my story as a journalist, you better understand how I got here!

I live in Downtown Davenport, Iowa for almost a year and I came here because my husband is a mechanical engineer that came to work in the region. I resigned from my job in São Paulo, where I was writing for a women’s magazine about diets and beauty, to be a freelancer. I work from home or from anywhere I’m at. Yes, I can work while on vacation, traveling, without stressing me! I only have the commitment of sending texts to Brazil by email according to the deadlines combined with the editor. As today, our time difference is 4 hours to Brasil timezone. If here is 9 am, for example, there will be 1 pm.

And there, in Brazil now is summer and during the summer here, there is winter, without snow.
Curious since childhood, I like to learn different things. Learning English was my biggest challenge last year and remains. When I came here I hardly knew how to order food! I have private lessons and this semester I asked to participate in the Cheftain meetings. So now I have contact with English and at the same time with journalism, my passion.

I was already delighted to talk with the group when I received the news that could write to this Journal a bit about the differences from Brazil to here. The first I already told: Brazil is a tropical country that hardly ever gets snow. Only in a few places in the southern part and not every year. When it snows, it is usually some flurries, and never accumulates! The snow was a great discovery for me here. I had only seen something like this in movies!

It hurt, when I first felt in a slippery sidewalk, but it was fun. The second only hurts! This year, when it snowed a lot during a weekend, I couldn’t stay home and spent the afternoon photographing snow in different places. Sometimes I keep wondering if it’s to eat! Sounds a little strange, but for those who had never seen so much snow together, it’s surreal that makes you want to try to see how it tastes. I was pleased, since I arrived, with the beauty of this season.

Speaking of season, winter is here in the same period of the summer there. Our Christmas, for example, is always hot. February we do not celebrate Valentines Day, but Carnaval …. a giant party that affects the entire country. Many of you must have heard of it: music is the samba and people go out on the streets to dance. Our Valentine’s Day is in June. Yes … a little strange, but that’s it: we have opposite dates and different traditions in the kitchen, too. And that I will write in the next chapter. Follow me!

Guest contributor, Allessandra “Ale” Toniazzo