Chatting with the Faces Behind the Art

When you walk in the hall of the first floor in Building Four, what are some of the thoughts that go through your head? With our own mini gallery, which is currently filled with artwork created by BHC Alumni, many ideas about the interpretation of the artwork can flood your mind.

On January 29, current students were given the opportunity to mingle with these artists and ask the questions that have been plaguing their minds.

When you pass by the clown, created by graphic artist Alejandra Salaverria, you might have a question such as “Why are the eyes solid?”

Alejandra replied by saying that when she did research about the circus, she found a sadness in it. The way she did the eyes was a way to represent that sadness.

“You are your own savior,” is one of the ways Terrance Gray, who is currently a student at NIU, responded when asked to interpret his mixed media titled “Salvation”.

“To Ola, without her I wouldn’t have had the chance to have went on this amazing journey,” is the dedication you can find in Nancy Solbrig’s book entitled “Why Poland?”

You may not have noticed the Jack O’ Lantern in Heidi Hernandez’s picture depicting Houdini. The reason for this is that after Houdini’s death, his wife held a séance every year on Halloween to try and contact her late husband.
Houdini promised his wife that if he could, he would visit her upon his death. She never got a reply.

One question that was asked of every artist present was

“What was one of your major challenges when you were studying at BHC?”

“I worked full time and I tried to do the best I could on my assignments and still have a social life” Heidi responded.

“I was older starting in school and I worked full time while taking care of my kids,” said Terrance.

“I approached school as a business type of thing with my teachers as my clients,” Is how Alejandra replied.

“Getting used to the more laid back teachers,” is how Nancy responded.

Unfortunately, Kimberly Maher was not available to answer questions about her fascinating illustrations due to the fact that she was still in route to the school when the event started.

Overall, I found the event enlightening. Having the artists there to explain the thought process behind their work helped me to view the work in a new way that I had not thought of before.

Pieces that before had moved me in nearly indescribable ways now cause me to feel a whole new set of emotions, thanks to the opportunity to talk with the artists.