In the Hawk’s Nest w/Chloe

What is Valentine’s Day to you? Is it the best time to show your romantic side? Is it over commercialized garbage, or just another day of the year?

This month, I asked the folks in the Hawk’s nest just this, and the following are some of the replies from our student body:

“People shouldn’t dedicate only one day to showing their love. Instead they should show it every day”
– Rachael

“Bah humbug”
– anonymous

“It sucks” – Corey

“It is a good day to spend with the ones you love” – Forrest

“It’s over commercialized” – Kendall

“It’s great” – Don

“It has become more of a hobby than a holiday” – Ajai

“I really don’t have any opinion on Valentine’s Day” – Derrick

I personally find that it is a day of nice sentiment although I could live without the over commercialization. But when it comes down to it, it is just another day. Don’t reserve one day to show you care, but dedicate every day to that purpose.