Is Valentine’s Day a Big Deal?

Like many other holidays, Valentine’s Day is over commercialized. There are advertisements for flowers, teddy bears, and chocolates everywhere starting immediately in the new year.

“I went to Hobby Lobby to shop for Christmas discounts and they already had their Valentine’s Day items out by the second week of January,” said Black Hawk student, Jennifer Simmering. Then there are the commercials that seem to be trying to make those who are single feel like they are the only ones. There just seems to be an expectation that those who do not have a date for Valentine’s Day should be pitied. So, sometimes it is hard to figure out what the majority of people really think about the holiday.

I personally have never thought of Valentine’s as being a big deal. I mean, sure I usually do something for the holiday, but I would not be crushed if I ended up alone in my room studying. Apparently, I am not alone in that opinion.

Amazingly, a survey done by both Woman’s Health and Men’s Health Magazines shows that most men and women do not believe that Valentine’s Day is a big deal. The survey questioned about 1,000 women and the same amount of men to see what they thought about Valentine’s Day. The survey showed that around 80 percent of both men and women stated that it did not matter at all whether they had a date on Valentine’s Day or not.

Psychologist Kristen Marks wrote in Psychology Today that “the majority of both men and women” reported “little to no pressure to celebrate the holiday.”

In fact, not being in a relationship on Valentine’s Day might be a good thing. I asked Professor Nelson here at Black Hawk what she might know about how Valentine’s Day affects people. She found a study done at Arizona State University showed that the majority of breakups happen either right before or right after Valentine’s Day. In agreement, 80 percent of the surveyors say that if they were in a bad relationship, they would break up before Valentine’s Day. What a way to remember this love holiday!

The point is that the majority of men and women don’t feel they have to celebrate Valentine’s Day with anyone.

So, those with a date or partner for Valentine’s Day, there is no need to feel sorry for those without. Most people are actually quite content with their situation until you start a pity party and make them feel inferior! No, I am not going to go there. Just understand that even if you think that they are missing out, it does not mean that they feel the same way.

Another amazing fact is that according to the survey, many women and men actually have the same opinion of the holiday. The women’s’ opinions on holiday gifts, activities, spending, and so on actually were almost exactly the same as what the men thought. So, the men can stop blaming all the Valentine’s Day hype on the women.

To sum it all up, Valentine’s Day is only as big a deal as you make it. You who are single have permission to do whatever you want with no pressure. However, you with a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife, remember your life belongs to someone else, so plan accordingly. Thankfully, most of us are reasonable.

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