Ask Aunt Helga

Dear Aunt Helga,
There’s this guy I like and he’s in a couple of my classes. He’s a little older than me, but not like he could be my dad or something. I came right out and told him that I’m interested, even though I know he’s kind of in a relationship. I want to try to convince him that he should leave her for me. What do you think I should do?

Mein Liebchen, (My Darling)
You say he’s older than you. That means he has more life experience. Maybe he’s on a different page in his life and he’s not ready for things to change just yet. Give him the space that he needs to decide for himself. If it’s meant to be, it will be.

Dear Aunt Helga,
This has been a really tough year and I’m overwhelmed with the assignments and tests. Between homework and classwork and family and my job, I’m afraid it’s more than I can handle. But if I drop a class, then it will be a negative mark on my transcript and possibly keep me from obtaining more financial aid. What should I do?
-Bogged Down

Mein treuer Sohn, (My Dutiful Son)
Have you asked for help from your family and friends? Maybe you could talk with somebody in the counseling department at Black Hawk College (796-5199), or make an appointment with an advisor through your “MyBlackHawk” account. They will be able to help you figure out the best course of action. And, keep in mind that it’s okay to accept help from those around you as well. It’s not a sign of weakness to receive their help – It’s a sign of friendship.

Dear Aunt Helga,
I’m not your average college student. I have my own kids in high school and I’m working to get the degree that I never took the time for after graduating high school. My problem is, I’m having a difficult time dealing with the fact that my son, a senior in high school, wants to join the Army. I see the news with ISIS in Iraq, and the last thing I want is for him to end up there, fighting that war. Should I continue to try to talk him out of it?

My dear Kleine Mutter, (My little mother)
As difficult as it is, you can’t stop your baby from growing up. You can’t stop boys from wanting to be cowboys. Service to one’s community is probably set deep inside him, so be supportive. Trust him to be the young man you raised him to be. In addition, Military One Source  ( provides family readiness programs. Talk with Marceia Duhm from the Military Students and Veterans Club (796-5191) for more information.