No bacon for breakfast in Brazil

Bacon and eggs for breakfast and dinner before 8pm. This is normal for you, right? But for me it’s a huge difference in the kitchen between Brazil and here!

In the first days when I came here, a year ago, I received a plate of bacon with a french toast in a restaurant. I looked to the food, touched my chin with my hand and thought: is it good? Slowly chewed, swallowed, took a sip of coffee and … enjoyed it!

I confess that ­ for diet reasons ­ I don’t eat it every week. I prefer a cereal with granola and sometimes omelet.

I can say that the greatest gastronomic change was the breakfast. Bacon and omelettes early in the morning I had only seen in movies! I have written about this in my blog ( and many people didn’t believe that it’s so unique, from both sides.

First, in Brazil breakfast is much simpler and it does not, in any way, have bacon slices. We eat fruit, natural fruit juice and more fruit! Toast with a little butter, milk or coffee and cereal. We may have eggs, but only in hotels or usually in a special breakfast.

In American breakfast, my favorite is a yummy cinnamon bagel with cream cheese, and pancakes with honey and pecans. Delicious!

And bacon in Brazil? Only with pasta or meat, usually at lunch. And speaking of lunch, salad and soup was not enough in the first month. Now, I love this combination!

Lunch in Brazil is the largest meal of the day. We want more pasta, more beef, more potatoes …. and the classic Brazilian lunch: white rice, black beans and sometimes with a fried egg on the side. We usually have black coffee shortly after.

Dinner is usually after 8 pm. Yes, we have late dinner! In my grandmother’s house, for example, the dinner is a slice of bread and butter, tea or coffee with milk and a fruit.

My mother prefers a grilled chicken and salad. I like light sandwiches or a hot dog over the weekend.

Oh, important: our hot dog has tomato sauce, corn, peas, mozzarella cheese and shoestring potato. I prefer our hot dog… but I love the American ice cream! Even more when it comes with M & M or when it is a vanilla milkshake.

We have chocolate pizza and brownies; this is not unusual. In Brazil, no Mac and cheese or apple sauce! But there are brigadeiros ­ famous chocolate candy made with condensed milk ­ everyone loves!  Here, on the other hand, there are wonderful cookies.

And our pancakes are filled with meat or chicken; it is a dish for lunch, for example! And with all these tasty differences, I am learning new traditions and new flavors.

I’m happy with the opportunity to try the famous (and delicious!) American cuisine. But, I’m trying to not eat it all at once!

Allessandra “Ale” Toniazzo
Guest Contributor