Perception, life, and a dollhouse

Do you pass by the art gallery and wonder, “What’s with all the metal hanging on the wall?” Well it is none other than an art exhibit featuring the works of Terry Rathje. Some of his works that are being displayed are flattened, while others have a more three dimensional structure.

Terry explained the difference between his works by saying how his first projects started flat, but as the years have progressed, his art has started to become more three dimensional.
In my opinion, one of his most intriguing works would have to be “Perception Engineers.”

“It’s a balance between physics and art,” said Terry in response to my question about this piece.

Terry also discussed his fascination with perception and creating illusions using our perception of perspective. He got inspiration on this particular piece from another work using the same idea. In a way he saw this as a challenge to see if he could create such a work.

Another work that’s found to be fascinating would be “Sephirot.” This work is based around the traditional Sephirot or Tree of Life. In some parts of this work Terry actually had to alter the color of the metal to make each segment tie in together.

Another interesting aspect of this work is the “Heart of Christ” that centers the piece. At the opening, Terry talked about finding this artwork on a sheet of metal depicting Jesus with his heart emblazoned on his chest. Terry decided to cut out the heart for use in this artwork.

“Inequator” was created out of a flattened dollhouse. “The cobblestone is meant to be the equator, with the northern hemisphere above and the southern hemisphere below. I based the southern hemisphere off of Brazil,” explained Terry Rathje.

Terry also mentioned that he did another work similar to this one titled “The Reason for Curtains.”
You can see all these artworks and a few more in the art gallery through March 13th.