Swinging for spring success

Rejoice golf fans – the birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, and the grass on the fairway is once again turning green.

Well ok, we’re not exactly experiencing spring-like conditions quite yet here in Moline, but that’s not stopping the 2015 Men’s Golf team from preparing for the upcoming spring season.

The Braves are coached by Gary Huber, who is also the Athletic Director at Black Hawk. The golf program already had an extensive track record of success prior to Coach Huber joining the program, winning nine Region IV Championships, and twenty-two Arrowhead Conference Championships.

Coach Huber, who is entering his sixteenth season as Head Coach, has continued the winning tradition by coaching the Braves to eleven Region IV Championships and also eight more Arrowhead Championships.

However, Coach Huber doesn’t want his players to worry about winning and losing. His expectations for the team are much more meaningful than just a record.

“It’s not all about winning and losing; it’s about the development of people,” Coach Huber said. “In this profession, we spend too much time worrying about wins and losses, and what happens is these young men and women walk away from sports and say ‘I had a terrible time, and I didn’t like my experience’.”

Coach Huber continued. “I want my guys to come out of this program and say, I had a ball, it was a great time, and I loved it.”

Coach Huber also acknowledges the fact that sometimes coaches tend to get upset with players who don’t perform well, but Coach Huber has never seen a player who was not trying.

“I don’t think any athlete or individual in life, when they have their mind set on some kind of sport or profession, goes out there and makes a strong effort to say ‘you know what I’m not going to be very good today’,” Coach Huber said. “These guys are hard enough on themselves. They certainly don’t need Coach Huber micromanaging them, and telling them that they need to get better.”

Golf fans in general have plenty of reasons to get excited about the upcoming season.

For instance, this year’s roster consists of quality golfers, like sophomores Cody Bender, Chad Nitz, and Elijah Day.

Joe Hanlin, who is the only freshman in the starting five rotation, is another player the fans need to keep an eye out for this season.

Another reason to get excited is the fact that the guys have been practicing all winter long, despite the snow and the freezing temperatures outside.

No, they weren’t outside practicing and risking the chance of getting frost bites. They were inside using the brand new golf simulator the school installed last January.

That’s right, a golf simulator, which not only allows the players to practice year around, but also educates them on what aspect of their game they can ultimately improve on.

The simulator informs the guys on the exact location they’re striking the ball, the distance, and the spin on the ball they’re getting as well. All of these different features will help develop and improve each player’s individual game.

Coach Huber mentioned how the players love the simulator, and Chad Nitz agrees.

“It keeps us swinging in the winter which is great, and you can’t ask for much more. It’s a very expensive piece of equipment, and it tells you exactly how you’re hitting, when you’re off line, and