Sergeant Meyers brings mind over muscle to BHC Police

Sgt. Mindy Meyers
Sgt. Mindy Meyers

Black Hawk College’s Police Department added Mindy Meyers to the force at the end of last year.
Sergeant Meyers had been employed at the Sherriff Department for sixteen years in Rock Island. She’s worked as an investigator, a negotiator, a school resource officer, and has also been involved in the Project Lifesaver International.

Furthermore, Meyers is a BHC Class of 1994 graduate. After Black Hawk, she continued her education at Western Illinois University in Macomb.
“I knew that I wanted to be a police officer when I was in high school. I contemplated joining the Marines, but the internship through Western at Rock Island County ended up being really beneficial and I was hired right away,” explained Meyers.

Rock Island County had been in need of a female correctional officer at the time she was hired. “There are not a whole lot of women applying for those types of jobs, but there definitely should be. Being a woman and being in a minority gives you a side up in this line of work.”

Women in the world today are being accepted in ways that our ancestors could only dream about hundreds of years ago. They are being hired in positions that hold more authority and power; nowadays, it’s even less common that a woman will be treated poorly for maintaining a career in law enforcement.
“I’ve never really faced people who had issues with me being a woman on the force,“ said Meyers. “There was an ‘old timer’ kind of guy that insisted on speaking to a male officer instead of me in 2003, but instances like that are rare.”

Working at Black Hawk College is a lot different than patrolling in Rock Island. “When students and faculty see police officers at BHC, people are really friendly and they acknowledge us, but people on the street typically act a lot differently.”
Due to the affable environment at BHC and her familiarity at the school, Meyers found that working on the force here could be another great experience to add to her list. She met her husband while studying at Black Hawk, and had been here on a softball scholarship.

“My husband is supportive of my career choice; he likes to joke that it keeps me from shopping all the time,” smiled Meyers.

Women in the police force are crucial to help create a more rounded unit. Although men and women alike can be a caregiver as well as an authoritative figure, there are more men present in this type of career. Nevertheless, Meyers is a prime example of a successful woman in the police force. She is proof what all women need to do to succeed in a more male-dominated career is to remember one thing: “mind over muscle.”