Fighting or flowing? How to deal with spring fever

The weather is starting to warm up, the grass is becoming green again, and Easter Sunday has been celebrated. Whether the temperature agrees consistently or not, spring is here. Unfortunately, spring also brings along “the fever”causing a lack of motivation  to do anything school related or anything that you don’t want to do for that matter. Most of us do not have time for distractions, so here are some ways to fight off spring fever.

The first thing to do is exercise. It doesn’t matter if you work out in a gym, walk the dog, or run around the block; just get outside in the fresh air. It will burn off extra energy and help you keep focused on studying when spring fever might otherwise distract you. Hopefully, after your nice visit to the outside world, you will be less likely to daydream when you are supposed to be studying for that test.

For those of you who are incredibly loaded down, now is the time to take a short break and socialize with friends. This does not include the “stay-indoors-and-play-video-games” type of socialization; it’s the “going-out-and-seeing-the-town” type. You should go out to lunch, have some coffee, walk in the park or by the river with your friends, or anything else to get out of your normal routine. Guys, do not take “anything” literally, please. It does not have to be big; socializing is just a good way for some people to get their second wind.

Of course, all these activities should not get in the way of your classes. Rather, plan them in between studying to break up the monotony. If nothing else, walk outside between buildings instead of using the tunnels.

Finally, you need to keep eating right. If you have to snack or don’t have time for full meals, you should take along healthier snacks like granola bars, veggies, and nuts. Drink water, not energy drinks or sodas. With all the spring mood swings, the last thing you need is to be high on caffeine or dealing with the hard crash. If eating right is not your thing, remember- swimsuit season is coming up. Hopefully, that will at least make you think twice.

The effects of spring fever hit everyone in one way or another, whether it makes you feel energized or depressed. The important thing is to remember what your priorities are and working on them without overloading yourself. Crashing right before a test is not what you need right now. So, just remember to study hard with some recess breaks to balance the load and you will survive the last few months.