The most important beauty concept: be happy!

When I received the suggestion to write about the differences in habits and types of “beauty” between women from Brazil and the United States, I was certain: we, the tropical country, we are more vain.

We like make-up, but we also like to match the color of the bag with the shoes, always be neat with magazine hair and high heals. However, I love the American style of comfortable clothes.

Here, I perceive women feel good in being comfortable for themselves and not to present an image to others. Some women in Brazil train a lot at the gym in their search for a perfect body.

We have a contest called Miss Bumbum Brazil, for example. ( There are several problems with illegal treatment of prosthesis and substances that increase muscles. It’s sad, but it is true.

Here I realize that women focus more for health. There is more focus in sports such as running, cycling and dancing, which is very good.

Brazilians like to dye their hair every month and have their nails made very week in beauty salons. That’s right: in a salon and not at home, like here. This is because in Brazil all services that require a person to work for you, as aesthetic massages, skin treatments and hair are much cheaper.

Beauty products, like shampoo, hair masks, and make-up are much, much more expensive. For example: my shampoo that I can get here for $8, it will cost around $40 there.

Another thing that caught my attention was artificial tanning beds. While it’s prohibited in Brazil, here I see some condos that have their own bed, for free! That easy.

Every woman here or there, like makeup, hair and body products. But another common subject is family. Here many families help with school work, in the community, within neighborhoods and churches.

I see mothers in associations and as volunteers in their childrens’ schools. A Brazilian friend who lives here goes once a week in child’s school to help the teacher. This in Brazil does not happen so often, unfortunately.

Many friends in Brazil had their first child after 30 or 34 years old. The Brazilian women have focus on career and think about the family later.

Another difference is that today’s couples in Brazil have no more than two children. In America, it is common to see four or five children. I think it is awesome!

The maternity leave is four months and after that during two months have reduced hours in their jobs to breastfeed. Here, I see that women encourage more independence and freedom to their children. It is very important.

-Guest Contributor, Ale Toniazzo