As you wish my Princess Bride

One movie sticks out through my childhood – one that brings my brothers and me together even when we are in the worst fight. What is this miracle movie called you may ask. The answer: The Princess Bride. Even though I love this movie the book is even better.

The book opens to Buttercup and her family on their farm in Florence. The book than talks about Westley and what he and Buttercup mean to each other.

Before you know it Westley is lost at sea never to return. Over the five years of Westley’s absence, Buttercup has been striving for ultimate beauty and Prince Humperdink takes notice. Buttercup is then engaged to the Prince.

Buttercup is soon kidnapped by men claiming to be from Gilda. We are introduced into the story of the haunted Inigo Montoya and the misunderstood giant Fezzik. After several arduous tasks a mysterious man in black rescues Buttercup from her captors. Prince Humperdink proceeds to “rescue” her from the man in black and throws the mystery man in his terrifying pit of despair. After all of this Buttercup realizes that she cannot marry the Prince, but Prince Humperdink will not let her back out. Vengeance is found and death is put to the test in this brilliantly action packed work of William Goldman.

I found the book to be very well written. The characters have such detailed backstories that will follow you past “the end”. William Goldman’s writing style for this book was different than any other I had read before and I found myself playing along with the added story of the “first author’s” initial words interwoven in the main plot. Overall I give the book a 4.5 out of 5 stars, and I would recommend this book to anyone without a moments hesitation.