Aunt Helga

helgaDear Aunt Helga

I find time-scheduling hard, especially between school, job, family, and friends. I want good grades and to have time to spend with my family and friends. Is that even possible?

–Drowning in responsibility

Dorogaya Moya (My dear)

School is a good type of stress to have. But remember, it’s not going to last forever. Those who love you – your family and friends – will understand if you need to take time away from them to dedicate to studies or for work. Prioritize your homework, and make sure that when you are “working on homework” that you are actually working on homework.

It’s easy to lose time while taking a few minutes to check Facebook, just a quick tweet about the day, or a post on Instagram.  At the same time, life cannot be all about school or work. Neither of those will last for very long in the grand scheme of life.

Your family, however, will last forever, and they will be there for you when your schoolwork is done and when your job is through. Look for opportunities to make time for your family and friends right after you’ve completed a major project. Make time for down-time after you’ve taken a test or written that big research paper.

Balancing life’s many priorities is a skill you will need to continually work on as you grow and gain more responsibility. There is no easy answer for this, mllaya moya (my sweet), but if you hold close to you the things and people that are important, they will not desert you when you need to take time away from them for the other important things in your life.


Dear Aunt Helga,

I am in my last semester at Black Hawk, ready to graduate next month. I’ve grown up in a very restrictive household, and I have a lot of respect for my family, but they still frown on the idea of using any kind of social media. I’m like the only student here who’s never used Facebook or Twitter or any other form of social media. I don’t want to disrespect my parents, but I do want them to let me be the adult they raised me to be. Should I just go ahead and take part in these things behind their backs and create a Facebook account anyway? Or should I wait for their approval?

Signed, Forever Obedient

Mein junge gehorsam ein
(My young, obedient one)

There are many negative aspects to social media. Consciously choose to be safe by not compromising your personal information to creepers on the internet. All of your mates you have made in classes are now parting ways. Social media can keep you in contact with all of them.

Also, remember that employers will try to look at your social media page to see how you conduct yourself in your off time. If you have friends who may post embarrassing photos of you, it would probably be a wise choice to not include them on your friends list.

Otherwise, I see no issue with using it as long you are safe and adult about how you are utilizing such sites.

Now for your parents: they should understand that you are a young adult. I foresee many mistakes in your future. I’ve made many poor choices in my lifetime and acted against my parents’ will.  If you feel responsible enough to have a site like Facebook, show them that you understand the ramifications of your posts and that you will keep it tasteful so you don’t dishonor your family.