Beaches, parks and trips, oh my!

Summer is coming!

Summer is my favorite season of the year. Here or in Brazil, I am always excited when the days begin to warm up and the vacations get closer.

Ok, I confess: I love the winter here. Snow is totally different than anything I’ve experienced in my 29 winters in Brazil. It is much more beautiful to see and much more fun. Fall left me with mouth open and eyes in disbelief at the colors of the trees. Fall here is really wonderful. Spring is full of charm and color. I love color! But Summer … ah, the Summer …. is the best season! Stay out late, enjoy the parks, have picnics, swim, ride bike and wear flip flops all weekend! It’s just too much!

Very different than here, our seasons in Brazil are not as defined. Yes, we have Winter (our starts now, while here it is Summer) but in most northern cities of Brazil, for example, the winter never gets below 75 degrees at Rio de Janeiro, the most famous city in Brazil.

There are many beautiful beaches where you can bathe in the sea all year round. Even in the winter! Snow? Very, very little and only in the southern part of Brazil. The coldest temperature I ever felt in winter in Brazil was 29 F. Imagine! We don’t need snow boots, but we don’t have the beauty of seeing everything white.

Well, let’s leave the snow aside and let’s talk about summer. After all, that’s all we want. The summer in Brazil is like here. High temperatures, many people spend a few days at the beach or pool. Some people travel to visit families and there are people who prefer to travel to get to know a new place. Yes, to be able to travel, the school year is the opposite. Everything ends by December to have a long summer break to recharge batteries.

My plans for this summer here in the USA is to spend almost three weeks in California, going by car, in June. We are going through Yellowstone – one of the places that I am looking forward to see. Anyone who wants to follow the journey just access my

July I want to ride in Chicago and the cities nearby Quad Cities. And I cannot forget my challenge of the year: I am going to run the BIX7, July 25. I was training four times a week in the gym and now in the summer; I hope to enjoy the parks and the River Drive to run.
Last year we traveled around Lake Michigan in 4th July. It was amazing! We stayed four days following the lake. Another time, we went to Kenosha, Wisconsin. I had fun on Lake Michigan until the sunset. It was beautiful!

This year also I still want ice cream, to wear dresses, stay up late on the street, ride a bike, enjoy a rain shower, walk on the grass without shoes, wash my car, rest under a tree after lunch. … and so is a list of good things to do in this season.

Happy vacations and good summer for you!

(This article submitted by guest contributor Ale Toniazzo.)