From college application to day of graduation

Excitement is in the air with 546 students graduating from Black Hawk College this year, and both students and faculty are working hard to make it a great experience.

Out of the 546 students, 366 students plan on attending the commencement ceremony, which will be held on May 21st at the I-wireless Center at 7pm.

Heather Bjorgan, Registrar, is helping to plan the ceremony. “Planning for the annual commencement ceremony is really a year-long process. Commencement is the time when the college gets to celebrate its graduates and recognize the hard work they have done, along with a variety of academic achievements,” she said.

The college really keeps the students and their families in mind with unlimited seating available for guests of the students. “Students are really excited when we tell them that seating is unlimited for their guests,” said Bjorgan. “It means a lot to graduate and move on to the next step in life and I’m pleased that BHC encourages families and friends to attend, because the student support structure extends beyond the college boundary.”

Black Hawk is planning a good send off for its graduating students to remind them that they have gotten so far already and keep them moving on.

For students, the process of preparing for graduation started on the first day of applying for college. Darcie Stearns, Director of Advising Services, says that the first day a student sees an advisor they are both working towards that end result of graduating. They work on what classes are needed and what it is going to take in order for the student to reach his goal.

Now the student sees the end in sight. He is finishing off the last of his classes, has applied for graduation, and just needs to survive these last few days and it will all be over, right?  Well, not quite as much as any student wants to believe it – graduation is still only a step towards the bigger picture.

As a student in the career program, it is important to have started making resumes and working with Career Services to make sure a job is ready for you after graduation.

Bruce Storey, Director of Educational Services, states that each employer is looking for certain types of information and Career Services knows what the local businesses are seeking. It can help for his department to make and proofread the students’ resumes.

They also provide other great resources like mock interviews, and can explain what the interviewer is looking for when presenting certain questions. Preparation is key when it comes to getting into the work force.

However, don’t think that transfer students have it easier. Darcie Stearns says by this time, the transfer student should have already applied for the 4-year, done a college tour, talked with an advisor there and already planned his classes for next year. Yes, the work never ends.