Location takes highest ranking

We are back to see how our school and teachers are doing on “Rate My Professor”, an online site on which students can go on to rate their college, and professors.


Back in February, the newspaper did an article on the rating given to the school and the professors at BHC. Now, we are following up to see how they have changed.

The overall quality rating for Black Hawk College in Moline was 3.4 out of 5.0 and the rating has not changed since then. In addition, other school ratings have also remained the same.

3.3 – Reputation
2.7 – Internet
3.5 – Opportunity
3.8 – Campus
3.0 – Social
4.3 – Location
2.8 – Food
3.4 – Library
3.2 – Clubs
3.9 – Happiness

At least we know that 78% of students are still smiling after being on campus long enough to give it a rating.

Now it is time to look at how the professors are doing. For top professors, Don Mosier still leads with a 4.9, in second place is Emily Lehman with a 4.8, and third place is D Beckett with a 4.8.

The average professor rating for Black Hawk College is 3.82. Good job, professors!

The most rated professor is Galen Leonhardy at 200 ratings; second place is Mike Stuab at 93 ratings, and third is Traci Davis at 86 ratings.

Terrific job with keeping your fellow students informed on the things that are important to all of us.

To anyone who has not checked out the site or posted ratings on it, you should really check it out and make your opinion not only heard, but make it effective in influencing others, which are what opinions are supposed to do.


Katherine is a Communications major at Black Hawk. Her interests are reading and soccer. She also is a 4-H leader and participates in many of their activities.