On the beat at the BHC Jazz Fest

The energy was alive amongst the musicians as they performed at the Jazz Festival at Black Hawk College on April 23rd.  The performance by the students displayed vitality in the art that was great to see.

However, as excited as they were, none of them could compare to the enthusiasm that was coming from the professor himself. Professor Crockett’s exuberance matched every one of the students and then some. With goofy jokes and the inability to keep still, he amped up the energy to an amazing level while keeping the mood light.

Among the performers was Marquis Hill, a guest and wonderful trumpet player. He is hailed as one the distinguished trumpet players of his generation. He added his own class and style to the performances.

At the end, the audience gave the musicians a standing ovation with everyone walking out smiling. The performance was fun and exciting for both the musicians and the audience.