How YOU can be a part of this student publication

There are many ways that student voices can be heard. One is to speak up through this paper. A new feature to begin in September will be a “Speak-Out” section where any student can comment on any topic they want. This can be a controversial issue, class related, college related, world issues, sports, and even comments about articles printed in the Chieftain.

Perhaps you have a story idea. Email the staff at with your idea and we will do what we can to include it. We would like to do features on extra-ordinary students or situations that can be inspiring to others. We can also cover community issues or events that might be relevant to college life.

We will continue with the popular “Hawk on the Tweet” segment. To have your Tweet featured in the paper, use #BHC, #BHC_Chieftain, #BlackHawk, or tweet directly to the Chieftain twitter account: @BHC_Chieftain.

Last semester we started an advice column called “Ask Aunt Helga”. She will continue to offer advice to students as long as questions come in for her. They can be sent to the email address or students can use the comment box outside of the Chieftain office located in Building 4, Room 116.

Speak-out, Hawk on the Tweet, story ideas, and Aunt Helga questions can also be posted on our facebook page “ChieftainBHC”.
Look for the Chieftain table at the Club Fair coming up August 27th from 11am-1pm in the Hawk’s Nest.