More than “Just-a”

Recently I came across this blog post from another college that I wanted to share with readers of the Chieftain. I hope you find it inspiring as I did.

“Earlier this year at a non-profit event, I was asked what I did for the organization, and my response was, “Oh no, I’m just a volunteer.” To my surprise, the inquirer leaned in close and sternly, but genuinely, told me to never say I was “just” a volunteer. I took that to heart.

“When asked where I go to school, I still find myself saying that I am “just” at a community college. I hear it from many students within the Dallas County Community Colleges, regardless of the fact that we (as well as the public) are aware of the high-quality education that we are receiving.

“DCCCD is full of well-educated professors, many with Ph.D.s, and as much as the pictures and stories depict tons of fun in college, there is much more to college than parties, popular sports teams and Greek life.

“It is time to stop saying we are “just” community college students who are “just” trying to get good grades in order to transfer to a “real” school.

“Remember, there isn’t “just” one successful person to have attended a community college! We are all success stories, and we aren’t “just” any one thing.” –Elissa Colich, Student Blogger, DCCCD

I hope when you tell friends about your experience at Black Hawk College, you will leave out the “just-a” because your education here is just as valuable as it would be at any other college. Never belittle yourself when you do things that are important to you. You are more than a “Just-a”.