Oh, the places you’ll know

Image courtesy of clipartpanda.com
Image courtesy of clipartpanda.com

Finding and making the most of campus resources

If you are registered and attending classes right now, hopefully you are already familiar with departments like Advising, Hawk’s Hub (bookstore), Financial Aid, and the Bursar’s office, as well as TRiO and Transfer student programs. But what else is there?

Former students have unfortunately reported attending and graduating from a complete 2-year Associate’s Degree Program without ever knowing about or making use of some of the many free services available to Black Hawk College students.

The first must-know place is The Hawk’s Nest, located on the 2nd Floor of building 4. It is a fun, relaxing center for students to play games, meet group or club members, eat lunch, form study groups, and much more. Subway restaurant is located up there, serving breakfast and lunch daily.

The Hawk’s Nest is also the center of Student Life sponsored activities like Club Fairs, Thanksgiving Lunch, and movie events throughout the school year. Student Life Senate members meet in the conference room for planning events and addressing student concerns. (Jana Koch is currently running the Student Life program.)

Veterans Resource Center (Building 4, room 117) is open to all military vets transitioning to college life. They can use this space to study or relax in between classes, and network with other military vets. Marceia Duhm is the coordinator for this program.

Career Services Center helps student and community members create a professional resume and search for student jobs at Black Hawk as well as employment throughout the surrounding community. Job boards are also located at various locations throughout campus. Career Services Center is located in Building 1 on the first floor near the library. Talk to Bruce Storey for more information.

Students with disabilities may need a variety of accommodations in the classroom. Disability Services, (located in Building 1, Room 241) will put students together to assist in these circumstances. The website defines what conditions classify a person as disabled and explains what services can be accessed. In addition, if a disabled student feels their rights have been violated in some way, please contact Susan Sacco, Disability Services Coordinator, so that the situation can be properly addressed.

Many will quickly learn that life still happens as students become wrapped up in classes, homework, tests and study groups. This can become overwhelming at times, so another free service offered at Black Hawk College can be found in the Counseling Department, located in Building 1 on the 3rd Floor. Wendy Bock can be reached by phone at 309-796-5198 or by email at bockw@bhc.edu; contact Coleman Harris at 309-796-5179 or harrisc@bhc.edu.

It is recommended that students make use of this Counseling service for any issues from learning to juggle school, work, and family, to more serious issues like domestic violence, depression or sexual assault. All conversations with these counselors will be kept confidential. Referrals will be made to outside agencies if deemed necessary by the counselor.

Free Tutoring is available in the Student Success Center in Building 1, located below the library. Walk-in hours are Monday through Friday from 9am-1pm and cover math, writing, and CS100. Tutoring help for science can be found in Building 2, Room 210.  If you need help with a different class, contact the tutoring department by calling 309-796-5138 to request assistance in a particular subject, or to schedule tutoring outside of normal walk-in hours.

The Independent Learning Center, or ILC, is supplied with computers that students can use for online coursework or to type papers and do other homework for any class. Appointments are not needed for this free computer lab use. They will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis. A testing center for both paper and computerized tests is also available in the ILC. For more information and hours of service, call (309) 796-5170.

A healthy lifestyle can help contribute to students’ learning ability. For that reason, the Quad City Fitness Center is available free to students and staff members of Black Hawk College. Equipment available includes cardio, free weights, and circuit training along with indoor and outdoor walking/running tracks. Located in Building 3 on the 1st Floor, the Fitness Center is open Monday through Friday from 8am to 6pm. Students will need to bring and show their ID in order to use this free service.

Water exercise, swim school, and open swim times are available at the Aquatics Center. The pool area can also be rented out for birthday parties or other events. for rates and hours, call 309-796-5601 or visit the website.

Safety of students and faculty members is a high priority at Black Hawk college. The Campus Police are located in Building 3, Room 315. If you have been hurt or assaulted in some way, call 309-796-5913. Other services offered through the campus police department include information about emergency response protocol for various situations such as severe weather, shooting threat, and medical emergencies.

Please take the time to read this information so you will be prepared and know what to do no matter what emergency might come up.
Various groups and clubs are available through Student Life to help students find other students with similar likes and interests. It is highly recommended to join at least one group to help maintain a balance in your day to day life. Studies are important. Work is important. So is positive down time.

There will be a club fair on August 27th to help you become acquainted with the various clubs and groups that have already formed. If you have an interest shared with other people and would like to create a group, Student Life can help you with that as well.

Other student resources are available through the Black Hawk Website.

Finally, be sure to make use of myBlackhawk. When you log in, you have access to college announcements, class schedule, library information and much more.

Make it your priority to educate yourself on the many resources available to help you at Black Hawk College.