A sit-down with Lewis Knudsen

The Lewis Knudsen Band (LKB) released their second CD, The Way of Most Resistance, at River Music Experience (RME) on July 23, to the delight of local fans. Last summer their debut album, Joy, Pain, Love, Songs, was released at the same locale.

The Lewis Knudsen Band is the second of Knudsen’s bands, the first having been called Friend and Foe. Friend and Foe was founded in January 2012 by Marcus Anderson, Lewis Knudsen, Aaron Jones, and Brandon Farrell. In December 2013, LKB formed.

LKB has an interesting genre, which songwriter Mr. Knudsen classifies as “Roots-influenced alt-pop or just Roots rock” due to his “eclectic taste in what [he] listen[s] to and what [he] write[s]… most of what [he] write[s] is influenced by American roots music (jazz, blues, soul, bluegrass).”

Knudsen taught English in South Korea for two years before returning to the States and had a “bug to start something.”

Knudsen had been a teacher’s aide and substitute in the Moline school district before forming his band. His friend Mr. Anderson was persistent in his efforts to get Mr. Knudsen to start a band, and so he did., deciding it would be best to devote his time to his musical career and told his students good-bye.

Knudsen has a studio in the basement of his church, where the band practices each week, records songs, and even filmed a music video for one of the songs from their premiere album.

LKB released their new album, The Way of Most Resistance, on July 23, with an album release party at The Redstone Room in Davenport. Over 25 albums were sold, and 75 people attended in the small concert room.

“The RME were wonderful by allowing us to have a special event there,” Mr. Knudsen said in an email interview.

If you wish to purchase either album, you can find them on iTunes and Bandcamp.com.
In a previous interview, Mr Knudsen had described the second CD – which was still in production at the time – as alt-funk. “I [had been] been listening to a lot of funk and soul from the ‘60s and ‘70s [then], so I think that’s definitely going to come through in the new songs. I’m also enjoying some of the new music coming out which is revisiting 90’s alt-rock sounds.”

Now, Mr. Knudsen would describe The Way of Most Resistance as “alternative pop with funk and soul influences.”

To see the band perform live, they will open for Nashville-based songwriter Matt Hectorne on Thursday Oct. 1 at Rozz Tox in Rock Island. There’s a five dollar admission fee for the show which starts at 8 PM. LKB will be introducing a new trumpet player that night.

–Anna Headley, Guest Sports Writer