Kane under investigation

Star forward for the Chicago Blackhawks Patrick Kane currently faces rape allegations in the state of New York after accusations came to light on August 6. The alleged incident occurred in the early morning hours of Aug. 2 at Kane’s home in Hamburg, NY.

The accuser and Kane allegedly met at Skybar, where he shared drinks with the woman and other women including the accuser’s friends. He then invited the women back to his house, where the incident occurred. They were driven by Kane’s private driver, Lieutenant Thomas English, who is a police officer with the Buffalo Police Department and has worked for Kane for five years.

Lt. English stated that he drove Kane, a friend of Kane, and two women to Kane’s place of residence. In a police interview, Lt. English said he witnessed “no inappropriate behavior [at SkyBar] or on the drive to Kane’s home. It was a mutual agreement to go hang out at the house.”

According to the alleged victim, Kane followed her into a room and raped her, having overpowered her. He supposedly left bitemarks on her shoulders and scratches on her legs. The two women left quickly after the attack, the victim calling a relative before having a rape kit performed at a local hospital.

Concerning the effects on college hockey of the investigation of Kane,  Austin Whelan, forward for the Augustana College Vikings, said “a situation that is outside of college hockey and even technically outside of pro hockey, even though it involves a professional player, is not going to affect college hockey in the sense that people might believe it would.”

“Allegations shouldn’t affect a career or persona. If he gets charged, thats a different story all together,” Whelan said.
Kane does not yet face charges, as there is currently not enough evidence to indict him.

–Anna Headley, Guest Sports Writer