Promoting the old and the new at activities fair

If you were anywhere near the East entrance of Building 1 on Thursday, August 27th, the first thing you would have smelled is popcorn. On the likely chance you followed your stomach (or happened to be wandering to or from your car), you would have encountered BHC’s Activities Kick-Off!

The assorted selection of organizations this year seemed even larger than before; new tables promoted activities like the Safe Zone, the Frisbee Club, or the Soccer Club.

Other clubs made a come-back, such as the Sisterhood on Campus, Clean Sphere, Military Students/Veterans Club, Association of Latin American Students (ALAS), and the Double Feature Film Club.

Also present were the African American Female Association, International Student Associates, Advising, African American Male Association, and the Student Leadership Council.

In case you missed out on the chance to sign up for a club or score a popsicle, it’s still not too late to join!

The Sisterhood on Campus is open to any female who attends BHC. It is intended to serve the purposes of its members and to unite as many women from campus as possible in hopes that together we can help each other and others. If you had further questions about this group or wanted to sign up, contact Jen Holldorf at holldorfj@bhc.du or Wendy Bock at

The Association of Latin American Students was proud to announce that they already have various activities in the works for the next upcoming weeks. They plan to be involved in “Viva Quad Cities,” Operation Read at various elementary schools, and will host an event in the Hawks Nest on September 15th!

The Clean Sphere Club also held a great deal of promise this semester. With fingers crossed for another campus clean up, new officers, and new activities in the works, this group is perfect for anyone hoping to make a difference and have some fun! Marilynn Bartels is available if you have any questions or wish to get involved at

Safe Zone is a new club that surfaced at this semester’s Activities Fair. In order to help this project strive, it’s going to need support, and that’s where BHC’s students come in.

It is designed to help support LGBTQ individuals who may need someone to talk to, and to create a community that will not tolerate homophobic or heterosexist remarks or actions. There are many advisors for this group that are available for contact; they include, but are not limited to Jana Koch at and Coleman Harris at

The Double Feature Film Club will be holding two movies a month! These events provide easy, inexpensive fun for all students, and a chance to watch some flicks!  If you would like to be a part of choosing the movies/themes, contact for more details.

The African American Female Association (AAFA) is hosting a ‘Chat and Chew’ on Wednesday, September 16th from 11:30-1:30 in the Hawk’s Nest restaurant room.

The Frisbee Club is currently recruiting members. This is a group for anyone wishing to get in some physical fitness while having a blast playing disc golf/ Ultimate Frisbee. For more details, contact Austin Brasel at

Likewise, the Soccer Club is looking for more members as well. This club is holding some real promise for the future with possible soccer classes and the ability to receive a credit hour in the cards – it all depends on how many students become involved! Contact Jessica Tucker at for more details!

The Student Leadership Council was providing fresh popcorn on that beautiful August afternoon, hoping to instill the message that they are currently looking for new students to become members of the council. As always, the Career Services and the TRiO Program were busy informing students of their services as well.

It’s going to be an exciting semester at BHC due to all the hard work from these clubs and organizations. Other clubs do exist on campus and they provide excellent ground for meeting new people who share the same interests as you do. Don’t be wary of getting involved and making your experience at BHC just that much more memorable.