Fantasy sports – Chieftain style

Football season is here! Now for those of us students who can’t get enough fantasy football, here are some pointers.

Who to start: Although there have been a lot of key injuries this season, there are still some diamonds in the rough to be picked up and started for your fantasy team. Whether you are playing draft kings on fan duel, or just a league on, we will offer some fantasy advice for your teams. Here is a top 7 list of who to start and, top 5 who to sit as the season progresses.

  1. Antonio Brown. Brown has been a solid receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers this season and he is a lock to start every week for your fantasy team. Brown has been racking up the fantasy points and he stays healthy! Knock on wood, keep an eye on his injury status throughout the season, but he is a sure pick on my fantasy team as he brings in the big numbers week in and week out. His quarterback, however, is a different story.
  2. Tyrod Taylor. Who? That’s right, Tyrod Taylor is the quarterback for the Buffalo Bills and his numbers have been off the charts this season for an unknown. Taylor is looking like a young phenom and he is a lock to start at quarterback.
  3. Derek Carr. That’s right. Derek is the younger brother of NFL quarterback David Carr. Both brothers are quarterbacks, but it is Derek who is running the fantasy show this season. Derek starts for the Oakland Raiders and I would start him almost every week, especially with quaterbacks dropping like flies due to injuries this season.
  4. Karlos Williams, a rookie sensation from the Buffalo Bills is getting a lot of carries as a running back this season and he is making those carries count. Williams is getting carries due to an injury to LeSean McCoy. Pick up and start Williams and he should give you about 20 points or so week in and week out if he can stay healthy.
  5. Thomas Rawls, this young Seattle rookie running back has been taking over for Marshawn Lynch who has been suffering from nagging injuries as well. Just plug Rawls in for Lynch as a substitute for a high powered offense that can score some points.
  6. A surprise here, but never the less is a 30 year old starter named Chris Johnson. I have had Chris Johnson on my fantasy squad for 3 years and he was the definition of a fantasy player. Fantasy owners, such as myself, absolutely love Chris Johnson. He puts up fantasy points like it is an arcade video game. Although his numbers have declined over the years he is still a solid starter. Start him on a consistent basis.
  7. Speaking of 30-year-olds… Larry Fitzgerald is still going strong. The former ball boy for the Minnesota Vikings is one of the most underrated superstars in the game today. He puts up solid numbers week in and week out. Pay attention to his injury status; it’s a long season and the injury bug has already plagued some players this seasons.

Who to Sit:
Quarterbacks are dropping like flies, and here are some players that need to be on your reserve list as the young season rolls on.

  1. Andre Johnson. The long time Houston Texans receiver is not getting any targets this season. His career could be revived, but so far not a lot happening with this superstar. Sit him in favor of some younger players.
  2. Roddy White: Sit him as he is also not getting any targets this season. Fellow receiver Julio Jones should be picked up in place of Roddy White as he gets the points of an A plus player.
  3. Rob Gronkowski is lock to start every week. He brings in points like banks collect interest. Start him for a fruitful fantasy season.
  4. Tom Brady is the man providing Gronkowski with the points as he is the ultimate quarterback.
  5. Owen Daniels is on the rise this season. He is getting the targets he needs and will bring home the bacon for his teams as far as fantasy points are concerned.

Written by Ben Bopes