Gabbing with Grunt

Grandpa wished for ANOTHER Farm & Fleet gift card for Christmas…

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been listening to Christmas music since October, have already planned out exactly how you want your Christmas tree to look this year, and are already calling people “ya filthy animal.”

However, some folks like to believe they fall into the opposite category, where people decide to become clichés of the characters Scrooge and the Grinch. These unfortunate people need a hug – perhaps a moment or two under the mistletoe – and a Christmas cookie the size of their face.

It’d be nice if we could forgive the family drama, the empty bank accounts, and all the traffic headaches involved, which typically contribute to a large degree of stress to the holiday haters. As every Hallmark Christmas movie likes to remind us, there is always that ONE person who doesn’t like the holidays and makes us want to make like a red-nosed reindeer and run away.

The most fulfilling Christmas’s are sometimes the ones where everything is just as it should be: your cousin made the cheesy-taters that are your FAVORITE, grandpa’s gift consisted of at least a Farm & Fleet gift card and cashews, and half the family gathers around the table to play Farkle. Or maybe that’s just me.

For BHC student Marisa Lopez,

“My family and I don’t really have any outrageous events for the holidays. It is usually a relaxed dinner and a bloodbath euchre tournament. Besides the amazing food that my Grandma makes, my favorite part of Christmas is spending time with my family.” Lopez continued,

“Thanksgiving and Christmas are the two holidays that remind us of where we all came from and why we continue to gather for this short time out of the year.”

BHC student Alyssa McCorkle, who is currently aiming for a future in landscape architecture, mused “One tradition we have every year is watching Christmas Vacation and Christmas Story on Christmas Eve, and my grandmother always plays through her Christmas music themed piano books.

The thing I love the most about Christmas itself though, besides seeing family I haven’t seen in awhile, is the food for sure, especially the cookies.”

Being one of the most expensive holidays to prepare for, Christmas can really take a chunk out of your pocket book. Before you know it, you’re wrapped up selecting presents for your parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, neighbors, teachers, co-workers…

The gift giving can become tedious, sometimes even unnecessary – unless it’s to donate a gift, like for Toys for Tots.  Everyone should have something to open on Christmas; it’s called the season of giving for a reason.

Iradukunda Angelique, a BHC student striving to major in computer science, divulged,

“Most people who celebrate Christmas in my country are those who believe in Christ, while in the United States they treat it as other holiday, such as thanksgiving etc… In other words, it does not matter here what you believe in to celebrate Christmas. We don’t give much value to Christmas gifts like Americans do. We can have a Christmas tree on that day, but it does not have to have gifts under it; I have seen many Americans put gifts under their trees.”

There are numerous other holiday traditions that make our hearts grow three sizes.

BHC student Jason Madden admitted,

“What I like most are houses lit up with lights at night and listening to Christmas carols.  For me you can skip the decorated trees and give me lots of people singing carols.”

Now that the first snow of the season has fallen and there’s less than a month ‘til the big day, you might as well dig out your moose mug and pour the eggnog!

Santa may not be able to help out much with your rent or college loan bills, but he gives you a reason to wake up Christmas morning and spend the day with people who are most important to you. Leave your concerns at the door and take the time this holiday season to appreciate everything you do have.

Have a merry and safe Christmas, ya filthy animals!