Minimester monster

Classes for this up and coming minimester begin on December 14th. However, there is a second minimester this winter that begins on December 28th, for online classes only.

Everyone’s thinking it, I’m just saying it, it sounds really daunting to try and accomplish a full semester’s worth of work in a month. I’ve never attempted a minimester, but was curious whether it really is as bad as it sounds.

Is the minimester monster real or a myth?
As the BHC advisors would assure you, there are no classes offered as minimesters that a student couldn’t handle. You simply have to be able to free up your winter schedule – the minimester monster will only attack you if you don’t dedicate enough time to it as required.

There are 23 minimester classes available for the Quad Cities campus. They range from Business Law, Composition, First Aid, and Principles of Sociology. Music Appreciation, Principles of Speech Communication, and Intro Computers are also examples of classes offered.

Minimesters are offered to help aid students who are searching for a way to diminish the amount of classes they need to take during the semesters, or a way to strategize early graduation.

You can put away your pitchforks; minimesters are offered to help you, not kill you. Don’t let your peer’s reviews or the time constraint scare you away. If you apply enough effort to a minimester class as you would to any other class throughout the semester, you will find yourself just that much closer to graduation.