Terrorism becomes a hot topic in America once again

Following the devastating attack by ISIS in Paris, the U.S. presidential candidates have quarreled over their opinions on terrorism and what action the United States should take concerning Syria and other middle-eastern countries.

Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump are still currently dominating in the polls, but both have expressed significantly opposing views over how to treat our current situation overseas. Clinton strategically wants to back ISIS into a corner, whereas Trump has claimed the United States should simply “quickly and decisively bomb the hell out of ISIS.”

Clinton favors having middle-eastern countries side with the United States to defeat the terrorist group, but to not have American troops sent over.

Trump, Bush, and Graham have all verbalized that the United States should battle against terrorism first-hand, involving our armed forces.
Other presidential candidates, such as Bernie Sanders, believe that the United States alone cannot be expected to defeat ISIS. In a recent speech, Sanders wagered, “If all over the world these attacks are taking place, the world has got to come together.”

Sanders and Fiorina, though belonging to different parties, both adamantly suggest we cut off ISIS’s funding urgently.

Since the Paris Attack, other acts of terrorism have sprouted up around the world, even in the United States with yet another bomb threat, this time surrounding two air-flights from America to Paris.

With the prospect of having a new commander-in-chief in office, Americans have been looking more closely than ever at what our candidates have had to say. Some, like Florida Senator Marco Rubio, have even been criticized for looking “too boyish” to be our president in a time of war.

As of late, the debate over the acceptance of Syrian refugees into the United States have caused both political parties to clash; is it right or wrong to let immigrants into a nation created largely in part by immigrants?

As reflected by the polls, Americans have been favoring Clinton for her national security background and Trump for his harsh brazenness. Although the next election is not until the beginning of next November, the escalating terrorism threats are causing us to think forward and preparing ourselves for the best defense we can offer.