Gabbing with Grunt: I want YOU to have a voice!


When I first joined the Chieftain, a year ago this semester, I already knew exactly what I wanted to accomplish. I’ve always found pleasure in writing, and hoped I could find a way for others to express themselves through it as well. When I made the decision to start this column last semester, my plan was to reach out to as many people as I could, students particularly, and give them a platform.

There are students at BHC of almost any age from 18 and on, from almost anywhere around the globe, and our diversity at this college is impressive for its size.

Have you ever just walked up to a stranger in the hallway between classes and just talked to them?

When I worked in the ESL Department here on campus, I interviewed students about their lives, their cultures, and about how different life was here in the United States as compared to their country. Just in that first semester, I began to look around in the Hawks Nest and appreciate how BHC has really brought all of us together.

What I wanted then is the same as what I want now: to be a voice.

Throughout the next semester, my final semester at BHC, I’ll be out attempting to gather quotes and thoughts from our diverse community of students. So if you see a short, blonde girl randomly walking up and talking to people, humor me. I’m officially on a mission.

Written by Gayle Grundstrom