Grease: Live’s retake on a classic

Grease live

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Growing up in a household that loves music, I knew the words to “Grease”.  

It became one of my favorite musicals to watch.  I never thought that I would see a live showing of the musical take place on national television, until recently. Seeing Jesse J come out and start singing the lead track “Grease” was spectacular.  Her voice took on a new quality that brought the song into this generation.

As I sat watching Julianne Hough and Aaron Tveit bring to life Danny and Sandy in a new fresh look, I fell in love with the musical all over again.  Sure it had all the bells and whistles of the original, but it was also completely new with a few new songs thrown in.  One of the “new” songs was Marty’s solo “Freddy My Love”.  This song was a brand new take on what Marty Maraschino, played by Keke Palmer, was all about.

Carlos PenaVega and Vanessa Hudgens brought out a different side to Kenickie and Rizzo. PenaVega seemed to show more of a caring side to Kenickie when he thought that Rizzo was pregnant, even going as far as to not drag race in case something bad happened to him during the race.

Vanessa Hudgens gave her best performance. Having dedicated the performance to her father she lost to cancer the night before Grease: Live premiered, she powered through with a strength most wouldn’t be able to show in a time of grief. Showcasing her pain in Rizzo’s solo “There Are Worst Things I Could Do” gave the song a whole new meaning.  

By the ending of the show, I was still singing along with the songs I grew up with.  Even with the rearrangement on some of the most beloved songs and moments in Grease, this cast sure gave it a fresh and bright out-look for a new generation just coming into contact with musicals.  From the sets to the lighting the direction the musical took will have its own place to be remembered in the legacy that is Grease.

Written by JoyAnna Sturgeon

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