Deadpool: Crimson Deviant Vessel


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When I walked into the theatre to watch Dead Pool, I thought I would be watching another Marvel Comic book turned movie film.  However, what I got was anything but a normal superhero movie.  Deadpool is unlike any normal hero.  He is sarcastic and deviant.  Every five minutes he seemed to be doing something that caused the audience to laugh.

What surprised me was the way his mutant gene was activated.  Considering most of the X-men universe was born with their powers.  Seeing the process to active Deadpool’s powers was a very gruesome scene.  Watching Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool) suffocate in a tube without much oxygen to later look scared because of his powers is something not easily forgotten.

Having an R rating was the best choice for this movie.  It’s not a full on family super hero movie; it’s  geared more toward an older audience, giving Deadpool a different edge than what has come out for heros in recent years.

I actually can say I went into the film thinking that I was going to hate it because the previews of it looked like something I wouldn’t watch.  

By the time I left the theatre, I was laughing harder than I thought I ever would.  Ryan Reynolds did a fantastic job.  His sense of humor alone reinforces the comedy that I did not expect to find in an R rated film.

In the end, Deadpool may not be what everyone thought it would be, but if you’re a Ryan Reynolds fan, it’s worth the watch.

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