Made in the A.M.: Will it fly or fall a “Long Way Down”?


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When Zayn Malik suddenly left One Direction in March 2015, fans were skeptical about how the band would continue forward with just four members. This motivated the band to try to create an album that would destroy the skepticism that said they would crumble without Zayn. The band released their newest album on November 13, 2015 titled, Made in the A.M. The lack of one member isn’t the only thing that made this album unique, this album is easily their most mature one yet. All of their albums have become progressively more mature but this one seems to come a long way from the songs on their last LP, Four. The standard edition of Made in the A.M. contains 13 tracks 9 of which members of the band helped write. In the deluxe edition of the album there is 4 more songs that the members all had a hand in writing.

They released two singles from the album before it was released. “Drag Me Down” was the first single they released. The song is seemingly about how someone in their lives is all they need and they can’t be dragged down by anything as long as they have them and it has a rock feel to it which is relatively new compared to what fans were used to. Their second single, “Perfect”, is a very different song from “Drag Me Down” which was a smart way to showcase the album’s varying styles. “Perfect” is a much more generic pop song about not being perfect individually but being perfect for each other it is also arguably a response to Taylor Swift’s “Style” because it has a very similar feel and sound to it. Although the album is distinct from Four, there is one noticeable similarity, both albums used a compelling and simple opening track.  “Hey Angel” is a very strong opening song, it has a soft and angelic beginning and when the rest of the instruments join in it becomes a powerful song with a quick tempo and catchy lyrics. Made in A.M. also features a song called “Never enough” which may be their most unique song to date. It contains a very powerful,booming,chant like sound. It is love song about how they can never get enough of the one they love. “History” is the closing song on the album and it a very simple song that makes use of four chords. The song itself could be taken a multitude of ways, some fans would say it is a song about the departure of Zayn from the group, others would argue that it is about the bands 5 year journey together and with fans.

Even with all the maturity and uniqueness that the boys brought to Made in the A.M., the album is still easily identifiable as a One Direction creation. If you were a fan previous to this album you will most likely enjoy the new mature sound as it is a breath of fresh air compared to their generic love songs from previous albums. Although if you have never been a fan of One Direction, I doubt this album provides enough differences from their older music to turn you into a fan. There are a few songs you might enjoy listening to but I don’t think it would be worth spending your money on the entire album just to hear a few songs that provide a unique sound within this album.