No vacant seat at miguel zenón performance


The jazzy melodies of Miguel Zenón, a renowned saxophonist, teacher, and composer, swept through the halls of Building 4 on February 24th.

This traveling artist did not perform alone; accompanied by Luis Perdomo on piano, Jorge Roeder on base, and Henry Cole on drums, the quartet entertained the overflowing classroom of faculty and students.

Two selections were performed, the first “Ciclo” and the second, an impressive piece with a meter of 11/8, “Academia.”

Born in Puerto Rico, Zenón began practicing the saxophone at age eleven. For twenty years, he’s been most comfortable playing with his own instrument, an alto Mark VI.

At the end of the session, the crowd was encouraged to ask the band members questions; one of the last inquiries made by a student was over how much of their performances are improvised.

“I had a harmonic concept that I wanted to use and a rhythmic concept I wanted to use,” confirmed Zenón. “Most of it, about ninety percent, of it is improvised. What they’re playing, the solos, every time they’re kind of different and fresh.”

The former Grammy nominated artist was a noteworthy and exceptional spectacle for any student with an ear for music.