Basketball Live Stream

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With the busy schedule’s of college students, it sometimes makes it hard for them to go and support the schools athletic programs throughout the week. For those of you that can’t catch the games in person, but still want to see the action, are in luck.

Black Hawk College now offers a live stream for all men’s and women’s home basketball games on a YouTube channel titled “BHC Athletics”. You can catch the games while they happen, or go back and watch them later.

This feature will not only benefit fans, but players who have aspirations to transfer and play at bigger colleges. Assistant men’s basketball coach, Keith Sutton, had this to say about the games being live streamed,”I think this is great for our guys. I wish there would have been a way for every game to be put online back when I was playing. It really changes the whole landscape of recruiting.”

Hopefully other programs at Black Hawk will follow suit, and start live streaming games to gauge more interest from fans, and to also give more national exposure to the athletes.