ICC Tuition Forum

The Inter-Club Council held a meeting February 2nd which opened with a tuition Forum by Dr. Truitt, BHC President and Steve Frommelt, VP of Finance and Administration. They came to discuss with students a possible tuition increase for next semester and other financial issues the campus is facing.

Mr. Frommelt showing  students graphs of BHC operating funds

First on the agenda was Steve Frommelt who explained where the differences in revenue for the college are coming from. The main problem he said that we were facing was a large decrease in funding from the state. Dr. Truitt added, “If you have any energy left at the end of the day, contact your legislatures and ask them to put more money into higher education.”

20170209_142308Mr. Frommelt went on to talk about the tuition increase of around two-dollars per credit hour to keep the institution where it needs to be.  After the presentations, they turned it over to a Q & A portion for students. A large majority of the questions asked were about the possibilities of which professors and classes would have to be cut. Dr. Truitt answered, “We want the least amount of staff reductions as possible.” She continued, “We will not be taking away classes that are having hundreds of credit hours a semester.”

Dr. Truitt answering student’s questions

They closed the meeting after answering dozens of questions from students, who seemed content with the answers given.