Spring Cleaning

On Thursday, March 22nd the Clean Sphere club held a campus cleanup. We started the clean-up on the back-side of the Villas. The crew picked up about 12 garbage bags full behind there before moving on towards the ravine by building four.

IMG_1298The clean-up took only a couple of hours, with only 5
participants from the Clean IMG_1294Sphere. We hope that with our next clean-up we can double that number and take out the rest of the campus in just as little of time!

This effort around campus helped immensely, but we all could do our part a little better. Make sure the dumpster door is closed after you throw your trash in it (raccoons and wind will spread that trash all over the place, which was the situation behind the Villas). Check to make sure trash doesn’t fall out of your bag or car during the day. And participate in campus clean-ups whenever they’re available. It’s easy if we all take the steps needed to keep our campus beautiful for all those who walk through it now and in the future.